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1997 17.2 Oldenburg gelding


This once-in-a-lifetime gem of a horse came to A Training Vision in 2015.  After already carrying multiple riders to their USDF Gold and Silver Medals, Shapiro helped Ampara earn her final Gold Medal score one week after his twenty-third birthday, earning scores as high as “9” for his phenomenal piaffe.


An incredibly kind and generous soul, Shapiro left a hole in everyone’s heart when he passed away at 28 years old. Now watching over the other horses from his spot near the arena, Shapiro often appeared to be having a chuckle at everyone who knew less than he did, and yet he managed to stay utterly forgiving of all of his riders’ learning He particularly enjoyed offering piaffe when collected walk was asked for, and one-tempis in lieu of collected canter.


Shapiro gave so much to so many people, and he will forever be missed.  

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