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Ampara couldn’t be happier with her multiyear collaboration with Custom Saddlery.  With multiple models and features to choose from, Custom Saddles offers a suitable option for nearly every horse and rider combination. Ampara loves her Custom saddles for their quality and durability (some of them have been in hard working use on her school horses for decades!), innovative designs that help her horses’ backs stay comfortable and promote proper rider position, and customizations that get noticed in the show ring.  

Click here to view more about Custom Saddles. 


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A Training Vision is proud to have a decade-plus partnership with Total Equine Veterinary Associates.  Their full-service, 100% mobile veterinary practice offers some of the most advanced on-farm veterinary care. TEVA has the tools to keep Ampara's FEI competition horses in top form and ensure that lesson mounts have quality routine care.  It is so fortunate to have TEVA’s ongoing support in keeping ATV horses healthy and happy.


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