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"Ampara Visser is the rare instructor who can combine superb communication skills, patience, and a deep knowledge of horsemanship and dressage. My horse and I gained invaluable experience and skills under her training and enjoyed every moment working with her."

- Marybeth L.

"Wonderful, wonderful teacher. Incredibly kind and supportive while still really knowing her stuff, and works well with all levels of riders, whether it’s my 10 year old daughter getting her confidence back at walk/trot, me schooling second level stuff, or her upper level clients!"

- Erin O.

"I started with Ampara as a beginner and learned more than I thought possible. She is patient, encouraging, and deliberate about her training sessions, which I appreciate. And she is equally thoughtful and respectful of her horses, which I also appreciate. I am so lucky to be able to learn from such a talented rider and trainer, and ride extraordinarily accomplished horses, who are great teachers themselves!"

- Ann S.

"Ampara is an amazing instructor with the patience of a saint."

- Ginny C. 

"Love my lessons with Ampara. You will never find a more dedicated or knowledgeable rider or trainer. She works with all types and disciplines of riders no matter what their goals or level of riding is. I have been lucky to watched her create an extensive and educational program with the most supportive learning environment for her students. You cannot go wrong working with her."

- Gwen S. 

"Ampara Visser is a superb equestrian and horsewoman. She approaches riding from all angles from the correct progressive training of the horse, to the mental and physical development of the rider. I train with her not just because she is a successful, high level dressage competitor in her own right, but because she continues to hone her skills with internationally ranked riders like Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and others - and shares the knowledge and access to people at that level with her students. Ampara works with all levels of riders and when you hit a plateau with your own horse, she can put you on one of her school masters to help get you to the next level." 

- Anne H.

"Ampara is the absolute best. Highly skilled and accomplished with the ability to translate concepts effectively for beginners. She is an excellent trainer whether you are just starting out or riding at the highest level." 

- E. M. 

"I rode with Ampara for quite a few years and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to better their riding. She understands the horse and how it moves and how a rider can influence that movement. She is an excellent rider and teacher. Her facilities are top notch."

- Peter I. 

"I’m an older rider, back in the saddle after many years away, and I’ve been training with Ampara for nearly two years and she’s fantastic. Not only is she a USDF Gold Medalist, but she’s also amazing with riders of all levels. If you’re nervous, she’s patient and understanding, creating a comfortable learning environment. She helps grow your confidence in a very gentle way."

"Love the people and the environment! A great place to gain horseback riding skills and just have a positive experience while riding!"

- Cleo B.

- Linda W.

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